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Golden Years Care Mod

Golden Years Care custom gameplay mod introduces a heartwarming experience centered around providing compassionate care and support to elderly Sims. Players take on the role of a caregiver, responsible for attending to the unique needs and well-being of elderly Sims.

This is a job you can do on your own time to make some extra money. To get started just start a social event and find an "Elderly Help Mate job."

You can go to their house or bring them to yours!:

Once the job is started you will see tasks that need to be completed:

Make sure you follow your clients' dietary guidelines when preparing their food. Also, make sure you have the "Always Welcome" trait before you cook or else they may kick you out of their house.

You can make up to 4000.00 on a successful job! but only up to 1000.00 for a bronze-rated job so do your best!

This pack also comes with a new trait!!

Hope you enjoy this new pack!


More options if you have Growing Together

Download HERE


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