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Created by me: Cassity Simmer on Youtube

(please tag me if you decide to do this challenge and credit me :)

This challenge works best with the Dine Out mod by Carl Sims , it is free!

The same concept as Rags to Riches but it focuses on the restaurant career

you can use the "Making Money" scenario if you like



You must start with ONE Sim

The sim is allowed to have a family(mom, dad, siblings) but no spouse or kids and they have to move out and start on a lot by themselves

Must start with 0 skills in cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, charisma, entrepreneur and mixology (you can have any level skills in anything else if you're starting with a premade sim)

You can only start with 1000.00 for your house lot (You can take out a loan to make it more realistic like SimCityLoans mod )

Since you work so much, the sim you end up marrying will be someone you met at your restaurant

You must start with the master chef aspiration and then when that is completed you can move on to the fabulously wealthy one

No one else in the household is allowed to have a business, only jobs

Once your household starts growing (spouse and kids) other people can add money to your household by working but the majority of the money must come from your restaurants


Can only start with 9000.00 restaurant lot (You can take out a loan to make it more realistic like SimCityLoans mod ) linked above (this money is used to buy the lot and restaurant items)

Make sure you pick a lot big enough to expand

Must have all required restaurant lot items before you open the first time

Your main sim must run the restaurant by themselves until they have 1000.00 in revenue then you can start hiring staff (download the mod by Carl sims its free!)

You can choose restaurant staff attire before or after

You can change your menu or restaurant type at any time

Once your restaurant has at least 3 stars and has 25 thousand in reserve funds, you can open another restaurant in another world.

Each restaurant has to start the exact same way as the first, beginning with 5,000.00. OR you can download a small fixer-upper restaurant from the gallery, but you can still only start with 5000.00

The menu in each restaurant must be different than the others



Complete Master Chef Aspiration

Then complete millionaire aspiration

Must master cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, mixologist, charisma, and entrepreneur skills

Own at least 3 restaurants with all goals completed in at least 3 different worlds

Must learn at least 10 new recipes from traveling and festivals

Become a millionaire (Have at least 1 million dollars in household funds)


You must complete all restaurant challenge goals for at least 3 restaurants

You must have one restaurant in at least 3 different worlds

Must get 5 stars in at least 3 restaurants

Must buy all restaurant perks

Must reach at least 50,000.00 in reserves of at least 3 restaurants


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