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Sims 4 Personal Chef Mod

This new custom game pack includes a new event and a new aspiration!

Are you a culinary maestro with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of whimsy? Do you dream of transforming everyday meals into unforgettable experiences? If so, this is the perfect job for you!

Getting Started:

Doing a personal chef gig is as easy as starting an event

There are two ways to start the event

The first way is to use the "Friendly" category to "Ask about Being Hired as Personal Chef"

This interaction will only be available if Sims are in a good mood and if Sims have a positive relationship. This is a good option for when Sims are already with the Sim they want to work for.

If the other Sim does not want your service they will decline it:

If they accept your offer the Event will start right away. You will be the Chef and they will be the Client. The goals of the event will pop up right away:

You can ask your client what they want to eat and they will reply with an answer:

Your Sim may give you ONE or MULTIPLE options. They may not be able to decide what they want so you can choose one of their options or cook something completely different it's up to you!

Make sure you pay attention to what time of day it is before you ask your client what they want to eat. If it is lunch time your clients' requests will be readily available in the fridge or stove.

When you are done making the meal "Call to Meal" to finish the goal.

Some other goals include making drinks and desserts for your clients.

The second way to start the Event is to use the phone to "Plan Social Event: This way you can find new clients anywhere.

You can choose to cook for them at your house or at their house. If you dont have the "Always welcome" trait Sims may have a hard time getting used to you cooking in their home.

If you can get the Sim out of the kitchen long enough you may still be able to finish cooking and serve them their meal. If you finish the Event with at least a Silver you will be granted the "Always welcome" trait and be able to cook in anyone's home with no problem!

Your sim will also receive buffs depending on how good or bad the Chef job went:

Occasionally your sim may get a "Challenge Dish" Challenge dishes can only be made with a Chef Station.

Clients may also request recipes that can only be learned by eating them at a restaurant or a food stall. So make sure your Sim travels to try different types of food so they can make them for their clients!

Make sure you purc

hase the Personal Chef Portable Bar and Portable Chef Station so you can cook challenge meals and make drinks at any client's home!

Having these available for every job will take your business to the next level!

You never know what your clients will ask you to cook so make sure you go to each job fully prepared! You should buy some groceries and take them with you to every job!

You can also schedule Personal Chef jobs ahead of time on the Calender!

The new Aspiration is called Master Personal Chef!

It is under the FOOD category

These goals and objectives will help your Sim stay on track to become the wealthiest and best-known home personal Chef!


There is now a Career option for the Personal Chef mod. For anyone who wishes to be a full-time personal chef and have a salary along with the gigs, this is perfect for you! I felt like this mod was missing something. It wasn't enough to just do the gigs and keep getting better and better at cooking but still only make the same amount for gigs. Especially when you become a Celebrity Personal Chef I feel like you shouldn't have to work as many gigs but still get paid a lot of money. So here you are! Delete the old files and replace them with these ones!

This mod pack requires Dine-Out

i suggest having the Get Famous, City Living, and Seasons packs but not required



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