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Slime Shop for Teens and Kids | Sims 4

This new game pack adds a new way for Sims to have fun and also a great way for kids and teens to make their own money!

You can buy new slimes from buy mode. There are lots of different colors to choose from.

Sims who play with slime will now get a slime buff.

If you love slime and want to make a business out of it you can turn your garage or any room into a slime shop by adding the slime shop walls, purchase the slime prep table and the slime shop table to get your business started!

The slime prep table is for preparing your slimes to b sold. You can sell your slimes as is, or you can pack them up in slime containers. All you have to do is lay all the slimes and containers out on the prep table. Then you can drag the slime directly into your container, or you can click "open" on the container and then drag one or more slimes into the slime container inventory.


When you are done packing up all your slimes and you are ready to start selling, get your slime shop table ready:

Place the slime shop table outside, so visitors don't have to come into your house. You can sell on your home lot or you can put the table in your inventory and take it to your local park to sell to parents there. Only slimes without containers can be stored directly in the table inventory . The containers with slimes in them can be placed directly on top of the table. You must have at least one slime without a container in the table inventory before you can open your slime shop for business.

You must be "tending" the slime shop table before you can open it for business. Then when you're ready go ahead and click "Open Slime Shop for Business." people will start coming and buying your slimes.

That's it! You can now run your own slime shop business! I really hope you guys enjoy this mod. I actually used to run my own slime shop called the Slime Crew and i enjoyed it a lot, so i wanted to bring it to the sims.

*keep in mind that if sims try to make anything else with the slime (tower etc) it will turn into regular clay color. but once they play with it again it will turn back into the slime color.

Required Pack: City Living

Depending on when you are seeing this it may still be in Early Access, but all my mods eventually become free within 2- 3 weeks.

Download it HERE:


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