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Celebrate Adoption Sims 4 Custom Game Pack

As someone who came from a family with adopted kids, adoption has a special place in my heart. I wanted to make a mod that made adoption in the Sims 4 more realistic than a simple transaction because it is so far from that. I know there are other mods on adoption already but I wanted to put my own spin on it.

Here are a few things that come with this new game pack:


This game pack comes with a brand new aspiration: Adoptive Parent! As an adoptive parent, you have a heart for orphans. This aspiration will automatically give you the family-oriented trait.

Being an adoptive parent means you will have to complete objectives based around adopting a child. If you already have children of your own you will be able to talk to them about adoption.

It may be hard for your children to accept that you want to adopt so you should spend some extra time with them to let them know how special they are.

As an adoptive parent, there are lots of things you can do to prepare for an adoption such as reading the new adoption books,

The process of adopting a Sim is pretty much the same. As an adoptive parent, it will be one of your objectives.


Your sims can now officially welcome their new addition with a party! Adoption Welcome Party is now an option for throwing an event!

Choose your host and guests as you usually would and add your adopted Sim!

You will have new interactions such as Talking about your adoption journey and introducing your adopted child to friends and family/

Every event will end with the same notification. Every event will receive one birth certificate and one adoption certificate at the end of the party.

The only thing that will get better the higher you go as far as bronze, silver, and gold are different money amounts and the better you do the more gifts you will receive from your guests.


There are two new adoption-based books.

When you are ready to tell your sim about their adoption. You can use the Friendly, Adoptions "Tell Sim They Are Adopted Interaction" They will need time and lots of love after receiving this news.

Once you've told them the news you can go into CAS and give them the "Adopted" trait

TRAIT: There is a new "Adopted" trait

When you give your child the adopted trait they will be fully aware that they are adopted. You can only give this trait starting as a child not younger.

**** IF you want your child to have more than one trait, you can download the MORE TRAITS

mod. This will let your child have 3 traits so they can have more traits than just adopted. This is completely optional. If you are ok with your child only having one trait you can just keep it that way.

Once they have the trait they will be able to talk about and ask questions about their adoption. The closer they are to you the more questions they will be able to ask.

Adopted Sims can now find out where they were born:


Other kids will also be aware that they are adopted and will, unfortunately, be able to tease them for being adopted. (This interaction is under " Mean"


Sims with the adopted trait will have a custom Fear of Being Left Behind. If their social need gets too low this fear will pop up. They will only have this fear as a child or a teen. It won't happen anymore as an adult.

They can talk to loved ones and ask for Reassurance

Birth children will also be able to talk to their parents about adoption:


New shirt for all ages :

officially a family


Currently in Early Access

Will be free in 4 weeks


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