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Sip and Paint Party Event Sims 4

Paint parties are one of my favorite things to do with my friends so I wanted to bring it to the Sims in a fun and exciting way!

You can Plan a Social event where you will find the Sip and Paint Party:

The main goals are to Paint on Easels, Catch up with friends, Make drinks, take pictures, and of course, eat food!

You can choose to make drinks yourself or hire a bartender and order drinks from the bar

Your sims will receive different buffs depending on how the event goes:

This mod comes with a wide variety of brand-new paintings for your sim to enjoy making! These paintings do not replace Sims 4 paintings they are added to them, sothey will pop u randomly the more you paint.

This pack also comes with new CAS and buy-mode items!

Paint Party Easel and Paint Party Bar

Paint party clothes

fun face paint options

If you like you can also choose to download all new paintings!!! These will replace some of the Sims 4 default paintings so you will have a mix of both! Keep in mind the paintings were put in no particular order so you may choose a pop art painting and still get a landscape.

If you want one of your guests to join in on the painting and they don't go straight to doing it on their own you can use the "Control Any Sim" mod by Titan Nano on ModThe Sims. This mod temporarily adds the new sims to your household so you can control them as you would your own.

Then when the party is over you can simply choose "Don't Control Sim" then they will be removed.


If you would like to download this mod here is the link:


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