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Porta-Bunny Baby Travel set for Infants and Toddlers Sims 4

Sooooo ... I've been working on some mini-mods while i work on the bigger pack (Therapist Active Career) which is what won the poll on Patreon, so thanks to everyone who voted. But in the meantime, i wanted to put out some more stuff for infants. Since a lot of public lots that are already in the community are not "infant-ready", I thought how cute would it be if there was a way to have a diaper/bag, so you can change your little ones on the go! Also, some parents just dont want to use the public ones that are already available and would prefer to use their own. You can also name your diaper bag!

So this travel set comes with an edited functional backpack. Some of you may recognize it because it looks similar to the functional backpack i made before however i removed the books that were sticking out and replaced it with some baby clutter inside so it would fit more as a baby bag. Then i also turned the changing table into a portable version so that after you buy the bag, you can buy the changing table and simply drag the changing station into the bag. (We will just say it folds up lol) and then take it with you to public lots or to friends' houses so you can change your baby wherever you go! Then when you are done you can drag it right back into your bag and place the bag back into your inventory.

The bag can also hold most of anything else you need for your little ones and even things for yourself to do while you are on the go like books and laptops! Enjoy!


The baby bag is base game compatible

The changing station requires: Growing Together

Download HERE:


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