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Today is my birthday!!! I wanted to do a special birthday pack for everyone to enjoy!

This is a kids pack theme. The main themes in this pack are : Princess, Unicorn, Mermaid, Glamour Doll, Fairy, Video Games, Race Car, Farm,and Cowboy, along with many other colors and patterns to choose from!

so this pack will include :

Birthday Banners:

Bundled Hanging Balloons

Balloons that also double as lights!

Bundle balloons with no strings so you can use them to make balloon banners.

To make balloon banners just use the cheat bb.moveobjects to place them wherever you like.

Party Tables

Party Tables are free. There will be no Early Access for them. If you only want the tables click Here:

If you want the complete Birthday Pack (which includes the tables) Click Here:


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