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Sims 4 Summer Camp custom mod!

Sims 4 Custom Game Pack

School's out! Time for summer camp! With this new Sims 4 mod pack, you can create and run your very own summer camp!

Preparing for Camp.

Think of what type of camp you want. You can choose to have a focus camp like gamer camp, art camp, or music camp or you can have a traditional outdoorsy camp, or have a little bit of everything! It's completely up to you!

There are multiple activities to choose from:

Required Activities:

Sleep Time

Meal Time

Take Pictures

Other Activities:

Game Time

Cooking Groups

Take Pictures

Play Instruments

Campfire Activities

Water Balloon Fight

Dance Party

Movie Time

Swimming Time

Play Video Games

Go Fishing

Arts and Crafts

Once you have decided what kind of camp you want you need to choose your official camp shirt! Go into CAS and look at the child shirts and decide which one you want to be the official shirt for your camp. There are 40 swatches to choose from!

Hand out your shirts before camp to your counselors and campers.

Choosing a Venue:

You can search Camp on the gallery and choose one that best fits your needs or you can create one of your own. The best way to make sure it shows up in your selection for your event is to set it as a Park.

Once you have your venue set to go and everyone has their shirts you can start Planning your event!

Starting the Camp:

Use your phone to start the "Summer Camp" event. All the instructions are on the front page in case you forgot to do anything before the camp started.

Next, you will need to choose campers, counselors, and Camp Director


Choose the activities you want to do in your camp:

Choose your Venue:

This is one of my favorites in the community. "Happy Little Summer Camp"

Have fun!!

Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone at the camp so they will pop up in your options when trying to do things together. Once camp starts try to do as many objectives as you can throughout the three days. The best day to start camp is on a Saturday. That way they will only miss one day of school on Monday.

After Camp:

When the event is over you will be rewarded with money depending on how great the camp was. 2500 is the highest reward. Campers will also go home with a buff about how happy they were to go to camp.

Recommended Mods that go well with this mod:

Send to bed: You can send all the campers and counselors to bed at the same time with this mod

Control any sim: You will better be able to control the campers and counselors who are not in your household while they are at camp, and then remove them when it's time to go home.

Education Overhaul: With this mod, you won't have to worry about anyone missing school because they have a summer break with this mod.

BASE GAME compatible but the more packs you have the more activities you will be able to do.

Recommended packs: Outdoor Retreat, Little Campers Retreat, City Living, Movie Hangout Stuff, etc.


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