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Ultimate Party Decor Set

Introducing a full set of wall decorations Sims 4 for parties!!

These are especially good for Birthday Parties but can be used for any occasion.

  • Remember you can click [ and ] in game to make your decorations bigger and smaller

  • comes with 17 wall decorations!

  • If any of your balloon banners don't touch the floor just make sure to put the balloons under them to fill the gap like in this picture v

Before you download:

Please DO NOT modify, recolor, or alter without my permission + DO NOT include my creations into cc packs without my permission + DO NOT credit my own creations as your own + DO NOT share the direct download link + linking is allowed but please mark resources/credit me

BASE GAME compatible

Just place anywhere in your Mods folder

Download File:

party pack
Download ZIP • 2.16MB

Party Table may require dine out expansion to work

party table
Download ZIP • 822KB


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